Ways To Build The Best Relationship With Your Boss (Part 1) 

Perhaps there are times when you are imagining a situation where you are asking for help from your office head by asking for an opportunity for career growth. As a result, you might be thinking of methods on how to establish a good relationship with him/her.  


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You never know what new doors your boss may open for you. Yes, you might work with him/her for either a short or long period, but once you’ve established a good relationship with your boss, the experience that you will gain from working with them will be more effective.  


Your bosses could be the best potential people that can monitor your professional credibility. Tell him/her that he/she should be honest about what you need to improve on to take your job to the highest level. By doing so, you are making a step in moving from your comfort zone and entering another phase where you will learn new things that you can use in the future.  


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According to statistics, one of the secrets of successful people is to treat your boss like a mentor. Now, let’s be frank here, there will always be people who will bring you down and keep you from growing for their interest. Bosses like these want to control your life and keep you aimlessly following orders. On the other side of the coin, there are fortunately those exceptional leaders that feel happy and grateful whenever they see their employees growing.  


So now is the time to treat your boss as your mentor. To do that, you first need to establish a good relationship with him/her by practicing the following methods: 


  1. Nothing is forever– Nothing is forever. Even the most intimate relationship between a husband and a wife can break through a divorce. Parents and children can have misunderstandings that could result in cutting ties with each other. Many best friends can turn to enemies, or worse, strangers. The same rule applies in your relationship with your boss. The kind of ties that you currently have will not define the link that you will have in the future. So if you are not close to each other right now, there is always a chance to develop it.  


  1. It is all about personality– We know that all people are not the same. Different bosses will see different things about you. Some people get frustrated when their leader does not compliment them, while others are seeing the best that they are. Well, I have to tell you that it is normal. The good thing to do is to learn to piece out the criticism that you think will not benefit you, then improve more on the acknowledgment that you are receiving. That is work life.  


  1. Look for the moody boss – Some people are naturally sad, and it is difficult to change that. The best thing that you can do is to learn how to deal with an unhappy boss and adapt to their behavioral patterns. It is a part of professionalism – focusing on work amidst the negative attitude that your leader is showing you. Be consistent in being a person that he/she could rely on despite the mood swings. You might not know how they would value all your efforts for them. 


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I’m not the biggest fan of writing incredibly long articles so with that I will be splitting this blog in half. Stay updated for the next part and look forward to the tips on how to build a good relationship with your boss. Practicing these tips will surely capture your boss’ cold heart. For sure! 

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