Effective Role Of Social Media In The Job Search Process

Compared to 10 years ago, today’s process of job hunting is very different. In the past, it is hard for job seekers to look for potential employers. They had to knock office per office to submit their resumes. This approach is costly, time-consuming, and tiring. On the other side, employers also had a difficult time filling their vacant positions before. They had to wait for a long time to be able to contact accepted applicants.

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5 Tips Towards Career Development

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Career management is necessary to attain maximum access. In this process, you would plan and work to obtain new skills, capabilities, and experiences could harness the best of you in working. Share your goals with your boss so he or she could broaden your experiences.  

You are full of talents and skills. Developing these will enable your unique inputs, which will then result to even more success and progress as a milestone in a fully-developed life.  


Career Growth And Development Opportunities 

Employees need to lengthen their narrow thinking. Growing skills and experience should be their top priority to add value to their career. You could do it by taking the lead in investing in your career development and progress. Here are a few ways that you can collaborate with the boss to improve your career.  

  • Job shadow works to learn about different jobs.  
  • Explore lateral moves to broaden and even deepen the experience 
  • Attend classes and training sessions to increase your knowledge 
  • Hold book clubs at work to develop expertise. Share terminologies, concepts, and team building with co-workers.  
  • Seek a mentor from a department that you’d like to explore. 


Five Tips For Career Growth And Development  

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Here are some additional thoughts on career management. Dr. Wilen-Daugenti suggested five career management strategies.  

  1. Decide on your goals. People who are most successful and satisfied in their careers are more proactively determined about what they want from their respective work. Once they’ve decided on their goals, they make a plan to accomplish these goals.  

 2. Developing a career goals timeline and milestone is the practical way to manage your career. Bring your boss into the picture so you can have an internal mentor.  

 3. Some companies have programs to develop the careers of their employees. If it’s not applicable to you, pursue it with yourself.  

 4. The company discusses several meetings regarding the career path with the boss. They will advise steps that they could take. However, it is still the employee who will decide.  

 5. A written plan is essential as it helps the employee take charge of what is vital for his or her success.  


Five Tips For Strategic Career Management 

Dr. Tracey Wilen recommends these additional career management strategies to help you on the way.  

Succeeding in a demanding and challenging office requires a well-planned career management plan. Employers want to hire, attract and retain employees that provides the best asset. Consider yourself a business that sells a product, and have a strategy for advertising your workplace value. 

Data from Apollo Research Institute on the future of work, education, and careers recommends the five management strategies: 

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  1. Proactively engage with career discussions with your manager. The most significant opportunity to exert some influence is to get involved with your manager in career planning.
  2. Investigate short and long-term skill requirements. Understand the skills, technology, education, and the experience requirements, and even develop interim career plans to achieve a long-term goal. 
  3. Have one on one informal meetings with colleagues and manager. It would help you gather information to make you educated in career decisions. In fact, people generally are willing to share their success stories and advice.  
  4. Volunteer on challenging projects and assignments. One of the best ways to advance is to identify the problems of the organization and propose a solution.  
  5. Consult your human resource department to learn career development and job opportunities, in-house technical courses and job openings available. Take advantage of the available opportunities.  

Each of us has a certain number of years to invest in working and making a living. Work is fine, however, creating a career will have to maximize the opportunities for success. 

A successful career does not happen just like that. It needs tending, planning and frequent review. Are you ready to apply these career development strategies? 

7 Helpful Tips In Writing An Effective Resume 

Resumes are your first touch point with your potential employers. Hiring managers can already tell if you are fit for their company in just one glance of your resume. According to studies, it only takes six seconds to “wow” a recruiter, hence, making the most common resume mistakes should be out of the question.   

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Ways To Build The Best Relationship With Your Boss (Part 2) 

In continuation of the first part of this topic, I will dive even deeper on how to create the best relationship with your boss at work. Some people find it hard to have a relationship with their bosses. It’s always on a civil level, often cold, with a bit of anxiety and tension. Well, that’s not me. My bosses are my clients and we even eat dinner together with our families. That’s how I have built my relationships with them. 


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Ways To Build The Best Relationship With Your Boss (Part 1) 

Perhaps there are times when you are imagining a situation where you are asking for help from your office head by asking for an opportunity for career growth. As a result, you might be thinking of methods on how to establish a good relationship with him/her.  


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